During a cryo session, the body is exposed to a temperature of -110 degrees of dry cold air for 3 minutes. This has an unprecedented number of effects, including more energy, less stress, better sleep and faster recovery after exercise.

Cryotherapy, an ancient method in a 21st century disguise

Cryotherapy is not new. In fact, the principle behind it has been around for centuries: Exposing the body to extreme cold. We know from study and research that cold strengthens our immune system. You will find the same idea in the sauna: in the form of a plunge pool. Cryotherapy works the same way. But in a modern, efficient way. After 3 minutes you step out of the chamber like a different person. More energized, stronger and happier.

How cryotherapy works
This is what happens when our body experiences the extreme cold in the Whole Body Cryo chamber:

  • Nerve endings in your skin (cold receptors) sound the alarm: you enter the so-called fight or flight mode!
  • The blood withdraws to the vital organs in the core and starts to flow faster. The blood temperature may rise to 40 C.
  • The feverish temperature effectively fights viruses in our blood, just like the flu.
  • The body releases hormones and enzymes into the bloodstream to aid recovery.
  • The oxygen content in the blood also increases due to the oxygen-rich climate in the chamber. Blood, rich in oxygen and nutrients repairs damaged tissue.
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