During a Red Light session, the body is exposed to a combination of red light and near infrared light for 10 minutes. This has an unprecedented number of effects, including faster recovery after sports or surgery, reduced inflammation, improved blood circulation and processes at the cellular level, pain reduction, improved hair growth and fertility in men and tighter skin.

Red light therapy, an ancient method in a 21st century disguise.
Light therapy is one of the oldest applied recovery therapies. Solar therapy has been documented in Egyptian, Greek, Chinese and Indian antiquity.
Many studies and research show that our bodies need light to stay healthy.
And since most of us mainly live indoors, and therefore have little contact with natural sunlight, deficiencies arise which in turn can have all kinds of adverse effects on our overall health such as depression, fatigue, poor sleep etc.
Especially the light rays with specific wavelengths between 630 and 850 nanometers (nm) appear to be the most effective. These wavelengths of light can penetrate deep into the cells and optimize various cell functions, including stimulation of collagen production. You could compare the process in cells with photosynthesis in plants, where the light absorbed by cells is converted into energy.
The effects of red light or photobiomodulation (PBM)

This is what happens when our body is exposed to red light:

The red light and near infrared light rays are absorbed at different levels in the cells of our body.
In the cells, the light is converted into energy or ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and thus acts as an energy bomb.
Subsequently, the cells can perform much better, all kinds of proteins are manufactured such as collagen and elastin and cell regeneration is stimulated. The oxygen content in the cells also increases.

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