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  • What is cryotherapy?

    The body is exposed to a temperature of -110 C. The session takes only 3 minutes but the results are spectacular: Cold sensations activate beneficial physiological processes in the body that result in better athletic performance, faster recovery, natural pain relief, stronger immune system, clearing and tightening skin, reduction of cellulite, better sleep and reduction of stress symptoms.

  • When can I benefit from cryotherapy?

    Freez sessions have many proven benefits like pain relief and muscle recovery. Inflammation is reduced, improving overall health. Prevents numerous chronic ailments. During and after a cryotherapy session, endorphins and serotonin are released reducing the effects of anxiety and depression. Reduces Cellulite and tightens the skin.

  • Where does cryotherapy come from?

    The use of cold as a healing therapy has always been around. Think of swimming in ice water and the use of ice baths in sports. Cryotherapy was developed on the basis of this science. In the first instance for the treatment of rheumatic ailments. The extreme cold was obtained through the use of liquid nitrogen. As nitrogen inhalation poses great risks, it was not possible to expose the entire body to the cold. That is why European researchers developed another technology. This is how electrically cooled chambers were introduced in which the entire body, including the head, can be exposed. Cryotherapy is now widely accepted. It is not without reason that the first health insurers are reimbursing freez sessions in countries such as Germany and France.

  • How can a chamber become -110C?

    Not so long ago, nitrogen was the only way to achieve this temperature. Nowadays, extreme cold can also be achieved with an electrical system. This system is not only cheaper, it is also safer: You can expose the entire body, including the head, to the extremely low temperature, since no nitrogen is used. In addition, the cold air in an electrically cooled chamber is more evenly distributed over the body. Nitrogen quickly drops to the bottom of the chamber as Nitrogen is heavier than normal air, making the upper body less cold than the lower body.

  • How does chryotherapy work?

    You enter the chamber with minimal clothing (woolen shoes, socks, gloves and underwear / top, face mask and headband/cap). At -110 ˚C, the temperature on the surface of your skin drops to close to freezing. This is the signal for the receptors in the skin (the nerve endings) to take action: signals are sent to the central nervous system and the fight or flight response is activated.

    The body immediately initiates all kinds of physiological processes. The blood circulation in the body improves, endorphins and serotonin (natural painkillers and boosters) and anti-inflammatory molecules are being produced. Toxins (poison) and metabolic residues are removed immediately through the supply of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood. The body scans itself for malfunctioning parts, which are repaired. Thus, our body activates itself to initiate recovery procedures.

  • Is cryotherapy safe?

    Cryotherapy has been used safely for over 30 years. Always follow the instructions when taking the session: only enter the chamber when completely dry (no wet socks or clothing) and cover sensitive parts of the body with your freez gear (face mask, head band/cap, gloves, socks and woolen shoes. Make sure you read the contraindications carefully before booking a freez session.

  • What are the risks of cryotherapy?

    A freez session is virtually risk-free. The blood pressure could rise but that is only temporary. There are a few cases in which the use of cryo is not recommended. (see contraindications ). Protective clothing like socks and woollen shoes, gloves, headband/cap, underwear, swimwear and sportswear must be dry. That is to prevent freezing of the skin (frostnib) during your session. It could happen that, during the session, you start to experience a heavy headache. In that case we urge you to exit the chamber right away. This could be a very rare case of “thunderclap headache”. Our experience over the past 5 years (during which we welcomed more than 50.000 clients) has shown us that 0.025% of our customers experience this. Despite this extremely low risk, we find it important to touch upon this because the headache can be very intense and can last for days.

  • I can't stand the cold, will the cold be too much for me?

    A temperature of -110 C seems very cold. But keep in mind that the air in the chamber is ultra dry. Because of this, the wind chill factor is not unpleasant and a lot less cold than you would think. Moreover, the session only takes 3 minutes, which most people find easily tolerable.

  • What is the difference between Freezlab and a CryoSauna?

    A cryosauna uses liquid nitrogen to reach a temperature of -110 C. The temperature of the liquid nitrogen (-180 C) that is blown into the tank mixes with the air in the tank (+18 C). Because of the use of liquid nitrogen, the head, where 30% of all cold receptors of the skin are located, cannot be exposed to the cold. Moreover, the temperature in the tank is not evenly distributed : the liquid nitrogen in the tank is heavier than the air and quickly drops to the bottom of the tank. In the past, this technique was the only available option to reach temperatures below -100 C.

    In a Freezlab chamber, temperatures of -110 C are reached with electrical equipment and refrigerants in a closed system, just like a freezer. Despite the fact that the air in the chamber is somewhat more compact than the air you breathe outside, entering the chamber and breathing the air while wearing your face mask is completely safe. In addition, the temperature in the chamber is uniform (from head to toe).

  • How many Freez sessions are recommended?

    Frequency depends on your symptoms or your personal goal. This varies for each individual. Because the effects of the first session are usually overshadowed by the excitement of the unknown, we apply the following rule of thumb: It’s best to start with multiple sessions in a short period of time, e.g. 3 sessions within the first week. After these first sessions, you will discover what freezing can do for you. Then, you can decide what frequency benefits you most.

  • Why do i feel better mentally after a freez session?

    During each freez session, endorphins and serotonin are released in your body. These (happy) hormones bring better mood and enhanced energy. A feeling that can last for days.

  • Can I catch a cold as a result of the freez session?

    You cannot catch a cold as a result of the freez session. Instead, your immune system is boosted which might even reduce the risk of catching a cold.

  • What can I do when I don't feel well during my freez session?

    Suddenly feeling unwell during your freez session? Or suddenly feeling overwhelmed and panicked? You can end the session at any time, by simply exiting the chamber. The doors never lock, they close with small magnets so you can walk out at any time. Please close the door firmly when exiting the chamber so others can finish their session uninterrupted

  • Should I shower before or after my freez session?

    Showering before the freez session is not required, completely dry skin is even better. Please bear in mind that we appreciate good personal hygiene before entering the chamber. During the freez session, the skin also remains completely dry. Showering after is not necessary.

  • Are there circumstances in which cryotherapy is not recommended?

    There are circumstances in which we do not recommend cryotherapy. See our contraindications to find out if you can safely take a freez session.

  • How can Cryotherapy help with rheumatism?

    Cryotherapy cannot cure rheumatism. But it can work very well as an additional treatment to reduce the pain. A course of 10 to 20 sessions in short succession can already make a big difference, and last for months after the course of sessions. Our customer’s experiences vary considerably. Some will come in for a daily session, using an unlimited subscription. Others come in for one month of daily sessions, every couple of months. Some also benefit from just 2 or 3 sessions a week. That is why we advise everyone to find out what frequency works best for them based on their personal experience. After all, only you can feel what works best for you.

  • Can I work out immediately after a Freez Session?

    You can work out immediately after a freez session. Ten minutes of light exercise after the session is even recommended to stimulate the blood circulation. This will prolong the effects that you experience after the session.

  • What do I wear during a Freez Session?

    The freez session becomes more effective as more of the skin is exposed to the cold. Only the body parts that stick out (ears, nose, hands and feet) will need protection as you enter the chamber. Men wear underwear, a bathing suit or shorts and the ladies wear underwear, bikini/bathing suit or shorts + top. Freez gear for the body parts that stick out (socks, woollen shoes, gloves and a headband/cap) is provided by us. Finally, in order to breathe comfortably inside the chamber, a face mask is required. We ask you to bring your own mask (we also have masks for sale in case you don’t have one with you). Around the public areas, wearing clothing that covers the body like a robe or a big towel is required. You can take off your robe and hang it up just before walking into the chamber. So, please take your own mask and robe or towel when you leave the changing rooms.

  • What do I take with me when I go to Freezlab?

    You will have with you: a debit card or credit card (we don’t accept cash), a robe or another piece of clothing that covers the body to wear in the public areas at Freezlab, underwear/swimwear/shorts (+ top) and your face mask. You can also rent a robe at the front desk for € 5,-

  • What happens when I first enter Freezlab?

    The first step is the check-in: we will ask you to read the applicable contra-indications carefully. This will determine whether you can safely take a freez session. We will then measure your blood pressure (may not exceed 180/95). After these steps, your check-in is completed and you will be all set to head for the changing rooms.

  • What happens after I check-in?

    After checking in, you will be directed to the changing rooms, where you will get changed. On your way, you will find woollen shoes organized by size. In the dressing rooms, we have lockers with code locks to store your personal belongings. You will also find a basket with clean gym socks. Put on a pair before putting on the woollen shoes. Wear something covering like a robe over your freez attire when you leave the dressing room and don’t forget your face mask. Use the restroom if you need to before heading for the blue zone. The restrooms are located behind the front desk on the ground level. Check in with the Freezmaster and have a seat in the blue zone. Once you are seated in the blue zone, you are ready for your freez session.

  • What happens after the Freezmaster calls me in for the freez session?

    When it’s your turn, the Freezmaster will give you a detailed explanation in front of the chamber. The Freezmaster will ask you to take off your robe and to hang it on the coat rack. The gloves and headband/cap will be handed out to you and once everyone is ready, the Freezmaster will open the glass door to the pre-chamber and the session will start.

  • What happens during the session?

    Once you enter the pre-chamber after the Freezmaster opens the door, the session has started. The pre-chamber has a temperature of -60 C and you will remain here for 20 seconds. When the Freezmaster knocks on the window, you can use the connecting door to enter the main chamber, where the temperature is -110 C. You will spend the remaining 2 minutes and 40 seconds in the main chamber. A point of attention when entering the main chamber is breathing. Because of the extreme cold, the air in the main chamber is more “concentrated” than normal outside air which makes breathing feel different. This also means that the oxygen levels are very high. So it is very important to breath normally. Breathing in too deep can cause you to hyperventilate which can make the session unpleasant. Keep taking slow breaths. You will notice that you will have adjusted to your new environment within just 15 seconds. The Freezmaster will stay to monitor the entire session, and will let you know how much time remains through the microphone every 30 seconds. He/she will also give you specific instructions if necessary. There is music inside the main chamber

  • What do I need to focus on during the Freez session?

    During the session, we advise you to stay alert for your body’s signals. If you panic, start to hyperventilate or if you feel a strong headache coming on, do not hesitate and immediately leave the chamber. If you feel a strong headache coming on, this could indicate a thunderclap headache so it is crucial that you leave the chamber immediately. If the session is too intense for you on the first try, you can decide to shorten the session by stepping out early. The next session, try to stay in a little longer and that way, you can become more accustomed to the cold and build your way up to the full 3 minutes.
    For men, the nipples are a point of concern as well. If your nipples start to hurt, cover them with your gloves to give them some extra protection during the session. Some women have a relatively thin skin around the lower arms and legs. Because of this they are more prone to frostnip on these body parts. We can provide leg warmers and lower arm warmers if needed. If you would like to use these for extra protection, feel free to ask for them at the front desk. You can recognize frostnip by a red and itchy skin or even smaller blisters on the skin.
    Do not lean against the walls during the session, the walls are extremely cold and could cause burn marks when brought in contact with the skin..
    Pay close attention to the freezmaster and follow all instructions given to you. If the freezmaster asks if everything is ok, you can simply respond by sticking up your thumb.

  • What happens after a freez session?

    Once the Freezmaster announces the end of the session, first open the connecting door to the pre-chamber. Once everyone is inside the pre-chamber, close the connecting door. Once it is closed, the freezmaster will open the next door so that everyone can step out.

    You might feel pins and needles and the skin may also turn red, this is completely normal.

    Drink enough water after the session to facilitate the detox process

  • Can I feel results immediately after a freez session?

    You will feel good/better immediately after the freez session, like you have more energy. And that makes sense: the release of endorphins and serotonin (the happy hormones) cause this feeling. It can also immediately reduce (muscle) pain. And you will notice more flexibility in your body as well. The effects vary for each person: an important factor is your physical condition.

    Coming in for a better appearance? Please keep in mind that more than one session is needed to restructure and revitalize the skin, lose weight or to reduce cellulite.

  • What are the possible side effects of a freez session?

    An energy boost or fatigue (caused by the detox process) after the session.
    A headache (caused by the detox process) or thunderclap headache (very rare)
    Frostnip: The upper skin might freeze as a result of its moisture balance during the session or because of excessive movement. This phenomenon closely resembles skin burns. The skin will turn red and sometimes vesicles or bumps will form on the skin. The skin will start to itch and you might feel a burning sensation. This occurrence is more common for women, mostly on the lower arms and lower legs. The skin will recover by itself but you can apply calm cream or calendula to help the healing process.

  • Can I buy a subscription?

    Yes! We have different subscriptions to choose from. All of our subscriptions are personal, they are automatically cashed and can be cancelled at any time. Keep in mind that the notice period is 1 calendar month.

    Not sure which subscription works best for you? Start with our 1 month trial. That way, you will have enough time to find out which frequency is optimal for you.

    Have a look in the webshop for all our products and subscriptions.

  • How much does a single session cost?

    Have a look in the webshop for all our products and subscriptions.

    Our advice is to puchase a single Freez if it’s your first time. After your session, if you decide that you want to come in more often, you can exchange your single freez for another product simply by paying the difference., For example: If you have already purchased a single freez, you can buy a Freez Challenge Light (5 sessions within 2 weeks).

  • What are the opening hours?

    Freezlab is open every day of the week:

    ● Monday – Thursday from 07:00 - 21:00h
    ● Friday from 07:00 - 14:00h
    ● Saturday – Sunday from 09:00 - 17:00h

Red Light Therapy

  • Wat is RED Light Therapy?

    Rood licht ofwel photobiomodulatie (PBM) is essentieel voor onze energiehuishouding. Rood licht wordt door de cellen van ons lichaam geabsorbeerd en omgezet in energie (ATP). Door de toename van ATP in de cellen is het lichaam beter in staat om optimaal te functioneren. Gevolg: Minder vermoeidheid en stress, minder pijn en ontstekingen, betere bloedcirculatie en collageen productie, betere (sport)prestaties en sneller herstel.

  • Wat doet RED Light Therapy?

    Dit gebeurt er als ons lichaam wordt blootgesteld aan rood licht ofwel photobiomodulatie (PBM):

    · De rood- en nabij infrarood lichtstralen worden op verschillende golflengten in de cellen van ons lichaam geabsorbeerd.
    · In de cellen wordt het licht omgezet in energie of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) en werkt dus als een energiebommetje.
    · Vervolgens kunnen de cellen veel beter presteren, worden allerlei proteines vervaardigd zoals collageen en elastine en wordt celregeneratie gestimuleerd. Ook het zuurstofgehalte in de cellen neemt toe.

  • Is RED Light veilig?

    Ja, tijdens de talloze studies zijn er geen negatieve effecten opgetreden.

  • Hoe vaak moet ik een RED Light sessie doen?

    Hoe vaak een RED Light sessie wordt aangeraden, is afhankelijk van je doel. Meerdere sessies met enige regelmaat ondergaan geeft het beste resultaat. Ons advies is 1-5 x per week 10 minuten.

  • Welke voordelen heeft een RED Light sessie?

    Een RED Light sessie brengt vele voordelen:

    Herstel na het sporten of na een blessure
    Verbeterde doorbloeding
    Vermindering van ontstekingen
    Vermindering van pijn
    Verhoging van testosterongehalte bij mannen

    Combineer een RED Light sessie met een freez sessie voor een optimaal resultaat

  • Wat neem ik mee voor een RED Light sessie?

    Je ondergaat de sessie naakt dus je hoeft niets mee te nemen. Alle sessies onderga je alleen en je krijgt van ons een beschermend brilletje.

  • Hoe kan ik een RED Light sessie boeken?

    Dit kan via de app, website, telefonisch of bij Freezlab zelf. Klik hier om je RED Light sessie online in te plannen.

  • Wat kost een RED Light sessie?

    Have a look in the webshop for all our products and subscriptions.

  • Kan ik een RED Light sessie combineren met een freez sessie

    Als je een RED Light sessie met een freez sessie combineert versterkt dit elkaar enorm.

    Dus nog meer energie, lekkerder slapen, sneller herstel, mooiere huid en nog veel meer voordelen. Een cryo sessie is ook nog eens veel aangenamer direct na een RED Light sessie omdat je tot diep in je cellen bent opgewarmd.

Stand Up Tanning

  • Hoe werkt de tanning?

    Bij Freezlab hebben we een staande tanning booth. Je reserveert eerst je sessie en checkt in bij Freezlab. Je ontvangt hier je muntje om de tanning booth te activeren. Bij Freezlab zijn beschermingsbrilletjes en een zonnebankcreme te koop.

  • Hoe lang duurt een tanning sessie?

    Je kunt een tanning sessie boeken tot 10 minuten of tot 20 minuten. Ben je je teint aan het opbouwen, dan kun je de sessie eerder afbreken. Je ziet de tijd verstrijken op het display tijdens de tanning sessie.

  • Welke lampen worden er gebruikt?

    We gebruiken 3 soorten lampen in onze tanning booth:

    · UVA-light, dit geeft een prachtig bruine huid
    · UVB-light, voor de aanmaak van melanine en vitamine D
    · Collagenic-light, voor aanmaak van extra collageen

  • Hoe boek ik een tanning sessie?

    Boeken kan via de app, website, telefonisch of bij Freezlab zelf. We hebben ook 5 en 10-rittenkaarten zodat zonnen nog voordeliger wordt.

  • Tanning en Freezen, is dit te combineren?

    Het is een perfecte combinatie om eerst te freezen en dan te tannen:

    · Door het Freezen verdwijnen dode huidcellen sneller waardoor je huid er stralend uitziet.
    · Het Freezen verbetert de collageen productie. Een strakke huid en vermindering van fijne lijntjes zijn het resultaat.
    · Het Freezen verkleint de poriën waardoor je een prachtig bruine, egale teint krijgt.

3D Massage experience

  • Are there contraindications or can anyone take a massage?

    There are no contraindications for taking our massages, however we recommend to consult with your therapist or doctor in case of injuries or physical complaints/limitations.

  • How many massages can I choose from?

    Experience the movements of a tireless professional masseuse through the 12 computerized programs and 6 types of massage options offered by the massage chair.

  • How do I know if the chair is suitable for my height or build?

    The massage chair offers a full massage using the built-in airbags (at the level of the shoulders, back, buttocks, arms and legs) whose pressure is constantly varied for comfort.

    The massage chair uses a patented body scan function. This massage chair adjusts to the contours of your body to give you an exceptional cervical and reflex point therapy massage. [Maximum height is 210 cm and maximum weight is 140 kg

  • How long does a massage last?

    The massage lasts 20 minutes in total. It is possible to book several massages in a row.

  • What do I wear during a massage?

    Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. All you have to take off are your shoes and you can safely store all your belongings. During the massage we will provide a blanket to keep you warm and allow you to fully enjoy your massage.

  • How much does a massage cost?

    We recommend if you come for the first time to start with a single massage session. Once you have used the session you can choose a product of your choice with an additional charge from the single massage, provided you decide to do so immediately after the session.

    Have a look in the webshop for all our products and subscriptions.

  • How does a massage work?

    Prior to your massage, you determine which massage you would like to experience. The massage chair uses a patented body scan function. This massage chair adapts to the contours of your body to provide you with an exceptional cervical and reflex point therapy massage. You will receive “quiet comfort” headphones to borrow from us before the start of your massage and an eye mask (free of charge during your first massage). We will also provide a blanket so that you can stay warm and enjoy your massage to the fullest. All you have to take off are your shoes and you can safely store all your belongings. Wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing during the massage.

  • What to do after the massage?

    You can go right back to doing everything after the massage or combine it with one of our other services, enhancing your wellness experience even more. You can also order a cup of coffee or tea while enjoying the spectacular view of the Olympic Stadium.

  • Do I need to book my massage or can I just walk in?

    Massages are always by appointment. Simply book your massage online or call us at 020 262 1054. We are happy to help you