Freez Benefit: Wellness

Cryotherapy, a lasting trend in wellness

The way we care for our body keeps improving. More than ever, we focus on improving our health and nutrition. That is why wellness has become more important over the past years. And cryotherapy fits perfectly in this new trend.

The benefits of cryotherapy for wellness

  • A freez session instantly elevates our mood. The release of endorphins and serotonin makes us feel happy, recharged and relaxed.
  • Cryotherapy increases the vitality because our blood gets “recharged”. This speeds up the detox process and the regeneration of damaged tissue. Aches after standing on your feet all day? Lower backpain, stiffness or stress from a long working day? After just one session, pain and discomfort noticeably diminish.
  • Jetlagged? Hungover? Or experiencing apathy? A cryotherapy session can make fatigue and headaches disappear so you can get on with your day without these discomforts.
  • One freez session shakes up your immune system.