Hydroxy effects: Beauty

In Japan, the use of molecular hydrogen is commonly used for anti aging. In spa’s you will find it being used in many different forms, e.g. hydrogen baths, hydrogen in anti aging products and beauty products, water bottles with hydrogenated water, hydrogen tablets etc. There are even café’s or hydrogen bars where you can inhale H2 and drink hydrogenated water.

A study in Japan where a comparison was made between people reaching past the age of 100 and people who died at a relatively young age, they found that hydrogen levels in the blood of the elderly group was much higher than the younger group.

One of the major conclusions from scientific research is that molecular hydrogen fights free radicals and consequently protects the cells from aging and reduces wrinkles in the skin. Molecular hydrogen supplementation can even contribute to weight loss by activating certain hormones such as the FGF21 hormone and improving metabolism.

Hydroxy benefits for beauty:

– Stimulates cell metabolism improving weight loss
– Restores damaged cells
– Anti aging
– Helps to reduce scar tissue
– Effective against warts
– Skin rejuvenation
– Reduction of acne
– Natural detox
– No side effects