Hydroxy benefits: sport

Benefits of Hydroxy in sports:

Athletes use more ATP-molecules (adenosine trifosfate) than non-athletes. Virtually everything we eat and breathe as oxygen is used to produce these molecules. This releases the energy needed for our body to function and deliver the sports performance. Most ATP is produced in the mitochondria. That is why our mitochondria are also sometimes referred to as the batteries in our cells.

Athletes inhale even more oxygen especially during heavy workouts and part is transformed into free radicals which can damage the mitochondria. It is therefore important to keep the amount of free radicals in check. When ATP production is insufficient, the body will seek other ways to produce the required energy: glycolysis. Glycolysis however produces more lactate which results in more exhaustion, less performance, muscle damage and slower recovery.

Several studies have shown that lactate levels in the muscles of athletes are reduced when supplementing molecular hydrogen. Molecular hydrogen not only increases energy production (ATP), but also ensures a more efficient way of energy production. Furthermore it helps to reduce injuries and contributes to faster recovery after heavy workout.


– Antioxidant function (selective: Removes only the bad free radicals)
– Transforms free radicals into water so no toxic waste products
– Reinforces the body’s own antioxidant system (Glutathion)
– Helps to reduce oxidative stress
– Anti inflammatory
– Reduces lactate levels during heavy workout
– Doubles production of mitochondrial ATP
– Improves health of the mitochondrial membrane
– Can help to prevent exhaustion and fatigue
– Prevents injuries
– Prevents injuries to soft tissues
– No negative side effects