Enjoy your massage

Ready Set Relax

Before you begin, decide what type of massage you would like to take. The advanced body scan function uses sensors to read the contours of your body after which the massage of your choice will start.

This is what we will provide:
You will receive a “quiet comfort” headset from us to borrow before the start of your massage and an eye mask (free of charge during your first massage). Bring your own eye mask to your next massage or buy one for €2.50 at Freezlab. Of course, you can also take the massage without an eye mask.

Attire during your massage:
Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. The only thing you have to take off are your shoes and you can safely store all your belongings. During the massage, we will give you a blanket so you can stay warm and enjoy your massage to the fullest.

The massage lasts 20 minutes in total. It is possible to book several massages in a row.