Hydroxy effects: Health

Most modern diseases are caused by oxydative stress, or when the balance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body is compromised. The antioxidants can no longer keep the amount of free radicals within a certain range and/or the production of hydrogen gas in our body has become insufficient. This can be restored by supplementing molecular hydrogen.

When you are hydrogen deficient, your body will do all it can to preserve life as long as possible. So it will start to shut off non-vital systems starting with the regenerative system (e.g. stemcells), then the immune system and finally the organs. The first thing the body does when you start inhaling the gas is restoring the non-vital systems one by one such as in the organs, the nerves etc.

That is why numerous studies have shown that Hydroxy Sessions are effective with diseases such as Alzheimer’s, arthritis, Rheumatism, diabetes (less insulin is required ), Parkinson’s (research revealed that the production of hydrogen gas in intestines of patients with Parkinson’s is 2 times lower than in the controle group and that hydrogen supplementation regenerates the nerves), COPD, Asthma, heart and vascular disease (a study from 2019 has shown that hydrogen can contribute to the reduction of damage to the heart after a cardiac arrest), kidney failure, cancer, ALS, dementia, psoriasis, Crohn’s disease, MS, liver failure, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, autism, depression, anxiety disorders, allergies, eczema, sleep apnea, hearing disorders and auto immune diseases.
The Japanese ministry of health has officially accepted hydrogen as new medical treatment for patients after a heart attack.
Very recent studies from China suggest benefits of molecular hydrogen supplementation in patients recovering from a Covid infection, SARS and other respiratory diseases.

Hydroxy benefits for your health:

– Reduces blood pressure
– Reduces allergy symptoms
– Stabilizes cholesterol levels
– Protects against cognitive malfunction due to aging
– Helps to alkalize the body
– Helps to reduce gastro-intestinal disorders
– Improved recovery after disease
– Reduced pain
– Protects the heart
– Anti cancer properties
– Reduced anxiety attacks and other psychological disorders such as depression
– No negative side effects