Create more balance between body and mind with our revolutionary 3D massage session. The session lasts 20 minutes and offers a variety of massage techniques, each with its own effect on physical and mental well-being. Next level wellness, that’s what you can expect at Freezlab.

At Freezlab you can enjoy a massage alone or together using Freezlab’s revolutionary 3D massage chairs. With 12 automated programs and 6 types of massages you will experience the massage as if it were given by a professional masseur.

An ultimate high-tech relaxation massage without physical contact. At the start of the massage you will receive an explanation of the 3D Relax Capsule system. This advanced body scan function uses sensors to read the contours of your body after which the massage program of your choice will start.

If desired, you can use “quiet comfort” headphones with which you choose soothing music, a guided meditation or nothing at all. You will also receive an eye mask and a blanket to keep warm during the massage. There are no physical contact moments and you can keep your clothes on, except for your shoes. We do recommend that you wear easy, loose-fitting clothing during the session. The chairs have antibacterial leather and are of course cleaned additionally after each session.

Take care of your Mind, Body and Soul
Mind : Freezlab offers – in addition to Freez, RED Light and Hydroxy sessions – a completely new opportunity to relax and work on your overall well-being. The Freezlab massage chair includes a body scan function that allows the massage to completely adapt to the contours of your body. In addition, the 3D massage promotes harmony and balance between body and mind, improves stress reduction, lowers the stress hormone cortisol, activates endorphin levels in the brain and provides peace of mind.

Body : Regularly taking a 3D massage improves circulation and activation of metabolism, relaxes muscles and promotes a healthy sleep rhythm. The heated massage chairs are equipped with airbags. The airbags give a pressure massage due to the pressure build-up. Thus, the muscles are activated, allowing toxic waste to be discharged.

Soul : massages provide rest, relaxation, recovery and rehabilitation. It makes you more aware of the here and now, restoring contact between body and mind.

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Freezlab works with an all-in-one credit system. Each product has a number of credits that can be used freely for all our services. This is how you turn every visit into a next-level wellness experience.

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