During a Molecular Hydrogen-Oxygen Therapy Session (Hydroxy Session), you inhale a mixture of pure hydrogen gas (66%) and oxygen (33%) via a nasal cannula and drink hydrogenated reversed osmosis water.

Extensive research regarding the effects of molecular hydrogen supplementation on our health in the past 10 years showed astonishing results. From this extensive research (with a groundbreaking study in 2007 as a starting point) and the following clinical trials, confirming the data from the 2007 study, we can now state that molecular hydrogen supplementation reduces oxidative stress, doubles the production of ATP in our mitochondria (the batteries of our cells), is anti inflammatory, increases metabolism, slows down cel breakdown and enhances our cognitive functions.

Hydrogen gas, also known as H2, is comprised of 2 hydrogen atoms, the smallest and lightest molecules on earth, which is the reason why it can reach all cells in our body, even traverse the blood/brain barrier.
When you are hydrogen deficient, your body will do all it can to preserve life as long as possible. So it will start to shut off non-vital systems starting with the regenerative system (e.g. stemcells), then the immune system and finally the organs. The first thing the body does when you start inhaling the gas is restoring the non-vital systems one by one such as in the organs, the nerves etc.
That is why hundreds of studies have shown that the inhalation and drinking of hydrogen gas may help in case of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, inflammation, cancer and mood fluctuations. It also slows down the aging process of cells and helps reduce allergy symptoms.
Hydrogen has antioxidant capabilities whereby it eliminates bad free radicals while free radicals with beneficial effects are left untouched. Other studies reveal that hydrogen supplementation improves glutathione synthesis in braincells. Glutathion is an important antioxidant, protecting cells from aging.
Lastly, molecular hydrogen supplementation has no side effects.

Hydrogen production at Freezlab is made with sterile water, making it of the highest quality.

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