Take the Freez Session

Ready Set Freez

This is what you get from us:
Before the session you will receive your Freez gear (socks / woolen shoes / gloves and a headband or cap).

Put this on for your session:
Men wear underwear or sports / swimming trunks during the Freez session.
Ladies wear underwear, bikini / bathing suit or sports shorts / top during the Freez session.

Take this with you or rent it at Freezlab:
Bring something covering to wear before and after the session. This could be a robe, large T-shirt or jacket. Don’t forget to bring your own face mask.
the Freezmaster will give you a detailed explanation in front of the chamber just before the start of the Freez session.

During the session you will first enter the pre-chamber. The pre-chamber has a temperature of -60 C . After 20 seconds, you enter the main chamber through the connecting door. The temperature in the main chamber is -110 C. You will spend the remaining 2 minutes and 40 seconds in the main chamber.

The Freezmaster will stay to monitor the entire session You will take the Freez Session with a Maximum of 4 persons.