Experience your Hydroxy Session

Ready Set Hydroxy

This is what you get from us: When it is your first time, we will give you a nasal cannula. You may use this cannula more than once so please keep it after the session for possible future visits. If you want a new nasal cannula or forgot to bring yours, you can purchase one at the front desk at Euro. 2,50.
Sit down in one of our privacy chairs and drink your first glass of hydrogenated reversed osmosis water. Molecular hydrogen gas will enter the bloodstream via the digestive tract.
Put on your nasal cannula by inserting the 2 prongs (with the curves downwards) into your nostrils. Lift the tubes and fit them over your ears. Bring the tubes down under your chin and adjust the slider up to adjust the fit. Attach the end connector to the hydroxy hub. Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose and exhale in a relaxed manner through your mouth. In this way, the blood will quickly reach a saturation level of 1,66 to 2,55 ppm (parts per million). By inhaling, the hydrogen gas will reach the blood through the lungs.
After 10 minutes you can terminate the session by detaching the nasal cannula from the Hydroxy hub.